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It does not describe how to link them together to form a useful editor.For now, the best way to work out how to develop using Scintilla is to see how Sci TE uses it. In the descriptions that follow, the messages are described as function calls with zero, one or two arguments.Although the commands only use the arguments described, because all messages have two arguments whether Scintilla uses them or not, it is strongly recommended that any unused arguments are set to 0.This allows future enhancement of messages without the risk of breaking existing code.Scintilla also builds with Cocoa on OS X and with Qt, and follows the conventions of those platforms.Scintilla does not properly support right-to-left languages like Arabic and Hebrew. The Windows version of Scintilla is a Windows Control. The coding style used in Scintilla and Sci TE is worth following if you want to contribute code to Scintilla but is not compulsory.

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Last edited 11 August 2017 NH There is an overview of the internal design of Scintilla. This is different to normal GTK practice but made it easier to implement rapidly.

This occurs when a DBCS character from a language like Japanese is included in the document or when line ends are marked with the CP/M standard of a carriage return followed by a line feed.

The constant (-1) represents an invalid position within the document.

The GTK version also uses messages in a similar way to the Windows version.

In addition to messages performing the actions of a normal Edit control, Scintilla allows control of syntax styling, folding, markers, autocompletion and call tips.