Pee chat

Make sure you still have him on the leash and that he accompanies you and watches every step of the procedure. If you are constantly finding puddles and messes follow the above procedure with one small change.

It is up to you, the responsible pet owner, to teach them exactly where you require them to pee and poop.

Your puppy may have already started to pee by the time you reach him and although you may have dribbles across the floor still take him to the newspaper or outside and then praise him for being there.

Sometimes you are not quick enough and he has finished peeing by the time you reach him. take him to the paper or outside anyway and tell him 'Do a pee here, good boy. ' Don't ever make the newspaper something to be frightened of.

It helps to put some dog pee on the newspaper because the pup will identify the smell and associate it with going to the bathroom.

When your puppy has an accident blot a little of the urine on to the newspaper. Teach your dog by positive means instead of negative reactions.