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Last but not least Animal Friend at Rank 2 will make the animals in the Wasteland take your side, acting as body shields against Deathclaws or Raiders.For the rest of your perks it’s in your best interest to fixate completely on perks that will boost up the weapon skill of your choice.Vulpes Inculta, the best of my frumentarii, is dead.All the bribes I sent to the Omertas ended up buying me nothing.Then simply raise up your stats to meet the requirements for each conversation and talk your way through life.Strength: 4 Perception: 5 Endurance: 4 Charisma: 9 Intelligence: 9 Agility: 5 Luck: 5Tagged Skills Speech Barter Survival Traits Good Natured Four Eyes Perks Intense Training 1 INT Educated Black Widow / Lady Killer Cherchez La Femme / Confirmed Bachelor Terrifying Presence Animal Friend (Rank 2) Tag!

The Kings of Freeside are cooperating with the NCR now, which frees up soldiers to defend the dam.But really if you’re going sneaky you might as well enjoy it – get your hands on as many explosive munitions as you can.Set mines in the path of enemies, plop ticking explosives into an enemy’s pocket and just generally blow them to pieces.Friend of the Night makes it easier for you to see during the nighttime hours which are when you should be actively moving around the Wasteland or dungeons.Night Person will help you with this as well by making it easier for you to detect enemies and shoot them from a good distance or sneak past them.