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These are a few of the highlights of Pilot Season 2013, where ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox and The CW sift through the numerous development projects and move forward in a bid to find the next breakout comedies and dramas.

Here's a look at the pilots in contention for the 2013-14 television season, which will be updating throughout pilot and casting season, so be sure to bookmark the page and come back for the latest news.

Given that many of these events, such as Overwatch's Halloween Terror, provide you with a limited amount of time to obtain items you can use year-round, you'll want to stay on top of how and when you can expand your collection.

We've compiled a list of many of the Halloween-themed events happening in games this month--there's also a Halloween sale on Steam--and we'll continue to update this as more are announced.

Following a development season high on semi-autobiograpical fare, pilot season has continued that trend with several projects based on the lives of its creators.

Elsewhere, established showrunners including Chuck Lorre (duo Mike Schur and Dan Goor to spice up its comedy offerings with a cop sitcom starring Andy Samberg.

The two were persons of innocence until Eve yielded to the temptations of the evil serpent and Adam joined her in eating the forbidden fruit, whereupon they both recognized their nakedness and donned fig leaves as garments.

Immediately God recognized their transgression and proclaimed their punishments—for the woman, pain in childbirth and subordination to man and, for the man, relegation to an accursed ground with which he must toil and sweat for his subsistence. Abel, the keeper of sheep, was highly regarded by God and was killed by Cain out of envy.

Adam and Eve had “other sons and daughters,” and death came to Adam at the age of 930.

Check everything out below, and let us know what you'll be playing (as well as any we missed) in the comments.

World of Warships again gets into the Halloween spirit this year, introducing four new ships themed around the holiday.

Old Testament, does not elsewhere refer to the Adam and Eve story, except for the purely genealogical reference in I Chronicles 1:1.

Allusions occur in the apocryphal books (i.e., highly regarded but noncanonical books for Jews and Protestants; deuterocanonical books for Roman Catholics and Orthodox).