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Read such announcements for every release since your existing build in case any of the in-between changes affect you.These instructions apply whether you are updating by one build, skipping several builds, upgrading to/from a beta version, or installing the latest 'release' version.View menu, Highs and Lows - This month (or This year) (or or web page) only shows the lowest and highest values for the current calendar month (or current year).This answer describes a way to see the same information for the month (or year) that fairly recently ended.I was having the same issue and what you need is You must include the ojdbc6file in the Deployment Assembly of the Project....... Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site (the association bonus does not count).

Required actions usually appear in the announcement of the version you are installing, and may be documented in the file that will appear as you run the installer.or you can also load it at runtime by supplying the library into endorsed directory of your server (TOMCAT) otherwise you can copy your library file into common lib of your application server .It's just related to the oracle driver library which is not loading at startup of your application..The installer will always upgrade the following files (replacing them, ignoring existing versions): There may be extra files automatically upgraded by particular builds - see announcement.During the install, you will see a Select Components screen , if you tick the HTML templates (the default) it will also upgrade the HTML template files in the web folder. If Cumulus doesn't start reading the data from the new station, stop Cumulus and start it again. In testing planned changes to Cumulus, I switch backwards and forwards between a Fine Offset and a WMR200 frequently, the only thing that happens is that the rain figures go wrong initially (because the two stations have different counters).