Cheap dating services

Each customer meets a matchmaker in person, and fills out a detailed form about their personality and hobbies.

Based on this, Mutual Attraction writes up their profile and presents it to dates who they think would be a good match.

You should date someone who’s determined, intelligent and work-focused.They say that money can’t buy you love, but maybe they weren’t shopping in the right places.Matchmaking services can charge up to £15,000 to introduce single customers to potential love interests and, as internet dating removes the stigma from actively searching for love, the companies are inundated with requests to help form long-term relationships.Of course, a party’s willingness to pay £4,000 to find love may have accelerated the process – but perhaps a professional matchmaker really is the modern equivalent of Cupid ’s bow. a) Glamorous weekend in Dubai b) Trip down to Lake District c) Three weeks backpacking in Vietnam d) A nature retreat How do you spend Saturday morning?a) Networking with your many well-connected friends b) Browsing a food market c) Yoga with friends, followed by brunch at a café d) Water aerobics at the gym What’s your dream date?