Astronomical dating 19th century

Latitude 33° 56′ 04″ S, longitude 18° 28′ 39″ E, elevation 15m. The only large modern building is inconspicuously located at the back (north) of the Main Building towards the northern end of the property.

The upstairs window sashes of the residential wings are unusual in that they can be raised into the walls completely to allow free air circulation on hot days.Much of the general appearance of the campus is as it was around 1900 remains and many of even the more peripheral buildings such as the Victorian residences have been classified by specialised heritage architects as worthy of preservation.Certain of them have considerable architectural merit. © 2012 Google The Royal Observatory occupies a small wooded hill about 6 km east of central Cape Town, within a conservation area known as the Two Rivers Urban Park. A canalised river runs along the western boundary and a mental institution lies to the south.